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I spent New Year’s in a village near-ish to Koupela with another Volunteer. The Parent-Teacher Association (APE), which holds a fair amount of sway in the schools, gave her a chicken and guinea fowl for the fete. We had them cooked and ate one for dinner while partying with village friends. The other was given to a neighbor as we left the next day..

…for Pama in the southeast, a Gourtmanche region, where we went on a safari with several other Volunteers. We saw lots – upwards of 100 – elephants, different species of deer creatures, hippos, boar, a few monkeys, and some lion tracks.

Our “travel agent” was a hunter who has been putting together safaris for foreign volunteers for some time and wants to expand his work to include Burkinabe, so he’s been adding dorms to his plot. We basically slept in his house on the floor – it was Burkina normal.

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