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Napussoum 2015 is coming to an end. For three days people came the village to greet and give tribute to our chef. My tribute was roughly two dollars.

The arbitrariness of holidays struck me this season. I’m not against holidays, but their temporal rationale seems silly :

It’s today! Today is the day that we will have fun. Yesterday was not good enough and tomorrow we’ll have to clean up from today. Everyone cooks good food today. Tomorrow’s food will be normal. Yesterday, no one could party because everyone was preparing for today. Today! Happy holiday!

I made rice with an eggplant based curry sauce to give to my neighbors. At least some of them liked it.

The school trimester has also formally ended, although exam year classes are still held. Troisième (~9th grade) and terminale (~12th grade) years terminate with exams. It’s important that the material from these years be well covered because these exams control entrance to high school and higher education, respectively.

School is a lot of work for me this year. I’m teaching one class each of sixième, cinqième, seconde, and premier for 22 hours a week. I’ve only already prepared lessons for six of those hours. We had hoped that another math professor would receive and assignment to our lycée, but no one has come yet. It’s considerably more time consuming than I had anticipated. My work for the holidays is developing a syllabus for 1r and 2nd. I’ve been just following the ministry objectives as they’re written.

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