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My friend PCV Clay spanks a kid.

I’m pretty anti-hitting kids, but recently I’ve realized it might be the main reason they break into my courtyard with sticks at all hours of the day and demand things like candy and decks of UNO playing cards. No adult who hits or threatens to hit a kid has to deal with that.

I don’t hit kids yet. In my courtyard if kids do something wrong and don’t leave, I’ll pick them up and carry them out until I find a mother to leave them in front of. If they come back, I’ll throw rocks in their direction – I don’t aim to hit and pebble control is hard enough that I doubt I’d be able to – or just close my door.

For discipline in my classroom, I send kids out. One day, I’d heard someone talking during lecture, asked who it was, and asked them to leave. When no one responded, even to identify the perp, I left. I won’t put forth the effort if they won’t. They came to talk to me during recess, apologized, ID’ed the offender and said he wouldn’t be in the classroom when I got back after recess. I didn’t have a problem with telling on themselves afterward.

Four year olds who only kind of speak my third language are more reluctant to see reason than middle schoolers though.

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