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I left Burkina Faso after spending 930 something days in-country. It was time to leave.

I’ve been out of country for a week and am taking a small tour of Europe before returning to the States.

Prior to Close of Service, the Peace Corps asks PCVs to write a document that is a Description of [our] Service. The DOS serves mostly to show to federal agencies that we have noncompetitve eligibility. It isn’t very interesting.

I extracted the section describing what I actually did to show to you! Here it is:

Mr. Nance taught at the local secondary school in Tema which consisted of seven academic levels equivalent to sixth through twelfth grades. Class sizes varied from 30 students in the upper levels to 100 students in the lower levels and contained students whose ages ranged from 11 to 25. The students in the upper levels of the school take university entrance examinations weighted in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Mr. Nance reported directly to the principal and worked on a full-time basis in formal and informal classroom settings. The school possessed limited resources so Mr. Nance was responsible for designing material and lesson plans around learning objectives prescribed by the Burkinabè Ministry of Education.

During his service at the school, while stressing among his students personal responsibility, mutual respect, and pride in work Mr. Nance taught the following courses:

Date Number of Months Subject Grades (U.S. Equivalent) Number of Students Hours per Week
1 Oct 2014 8 Mathematics 6 188 10
1 Jan 2015 5 Physics / Chemistry 10 53 6
1 Oct 2015 8 Mathematics 6, 7, 10, 11 248 22

Upper level topics that Mr. Nance taught included derivative calculus, statistics, basic combinatorics, sequences, static mechanics, circuit analysis, and reaction stoichiometry.

Mr. Nance led youth development sessions at the school as a school social worker for 10 hours per week during a 10 week period, doing activities with over 350 students divided into six classes. Session topics were focused on study skills and increasing student leadership, confidence, and motivation.

Mr. Nance trained school professionals in use of software to aid in class scheduling.

Mr. Nance tutored students in their reviews for high school and university entrance examinations, as well as giving refresher courses during the months when school was not in session.

Mr. Nance engaged in activities to promote early childhood literacy such as readings of books in Moore and facilitating structured play with children.

Mr. Nance worked 30 hours alongside nurses at the Tema health clinic in weighing infants and distributing food supplements to reduce childhood malnutrition and increase post-natal health in infants and mothers.

I estimate I pumped around 15 000 litres of water during my service.

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