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School’s finished. Right now we’re in the period of time between when the high school entrance exams and the high school exit exams occur.

Work and life are pretty slow. It’s started raining, so most people are out in the fields digging and planting.

I’d been doing yoga, following a video another volunteer had given me of an Anglophone yogi dubbed over in Swedish. It isn’t terribly hard to follow after figuring out what “breathe in” and “breathe out” are in Swedish. I stopped doing yoga when I left my computer charger in Ouaga.

I was in Ouaga because I was pretty sick. I’d had a pretty high fever and was constantly very tired. After a few days and malaria tests, the PCMO asked me to come in to the city : one day, I tried to leave from town on a 2pm car to find that out it’d left at 1:30pm. The next morning I waited for a car on the road into village until someone told me that it’d broken down the week prior, but that there was an 8am car from town. I biked into town where they said it’d left at 7am. I spotted another car at the gas station, full, but I squeezed in as a fifth person on a four person row. That car broke down 20km from town. Three hours later when the car was still in pieces, I biked back to town and from 1pm waited, until I got on the 2pm car and went to Ouaga.

On arriving in Ouaga, the PCMO said I was perfectly healthy and I felt it. I had a basil, garlic, and cheese pizza for dinner.

I bought a smart phone from the town outside village. It’s secondhand. It channels the internet better than my previous blackberry-esque device. And, when I first got it, I had no idea how to use it. The 18 year old Burkinabe in the store with only two smartphones to sell had to spend two hours with me and it before I understood enough about the UI to be comfortable with it. That made me feel old.

I will COS on the third of February 2017. It’s still tentative because the world is a crazy place and being sure of anything isn’t a luxury we’re afforded, but that’s at least what’s on the paperwork I’ve submitted.

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