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I completed the big book a few days before I left. Below are a few pages from it. The text on top on each page is in Moore, followed by French on bottom. Thanks and apologies to original illustrator, Elizabeth Flamm. I took liberties in the illustrations to make this project something that I could do. This page features a patch to cover over words that I wrote in error.

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I left Burkina Faso after spending 930 something days in-country. It was time to leave. I’ve been out of country for a week and am taking a small tour of Europe before returning to the States. Prior to Close of Service, the Peace Corps asks PCVs to write a document that is a Description of [our] Service. The DOS serves mostly to show to federal agencies that we have noncompetitve eligibility.

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So, reading is important. It’s one of the reasons for my extension of service that I enunciated on the application. Kids like it when I read. I butcher the Moore, but they still repeat most of the things I say and often get the general idea. They like looking at the pictures and talking about what the subjects are doing - I think that they enjoy it; it’s what they do at least.

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Hi! My name’s Jamie and I’m a school social worker 1. Everyday - that there is class - I have time dedicated to try to increase learner academic performance and / or their leadership, confidence, and motivation. Some days, we do activities that increase learners’ study skills, such as making flashcards, noting homework assignments in one place, and analyzing parts of our body we use while learning. These were all techniques and knowledge that I’m pretty sure I’d seen before middle school.