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Actually, school’s been out for a while. I finished up my work, got my grades in, made it to the end of year soccer championship, and then skipped town (village) for a week or so … for the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire! At the beginning of June, I took a train with several other Volunteers to the big city of Abidjan, which lies beside the ocean! Cote d’Ivoire is not Burkina: there’s power everywhere; even “villages” that we were able to see from the train tracks had buildings with AC units.

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I spent New Year’s in a village near-ish to Koupela with another Volunteer. The Parent-Teacher Association (APE), which holds a fair amount of sway in the schools, gave her a chicken and guinea fowl for the fete. We had them cooked and ate one for dinner while partying with village friends. The other was given to a neighbor as we left the next day.. …for Pama in the southeast, a Gourtmanche region, where we went on a safari with several other Volunteers.