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My friend PCV Chris talks and shows a bit about life during our stage in Leo. The I’m a Lazy Volunteer series are links to blog posts written by others. I don’t write them because I’m a lazy Volunteer. So lazy in fact, that I’ll gloss over that this is a link to a video and not blog. I think these are called vlogs? Bvlogs? Vblogs? In Moore to say that someone is making an error, one says, “a tudgdame”.

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Two other Volunteers and I spent the past week in Kaya for a Moore training. I biked from village to Kaya, spending the night with another Volunteer along the way, and returned in one day a week later. Going to Kaya, the wind was against me all the way so it probably took 7 hours total. Going home, 5. I counted 500 goats alongside the road over about 25k between one village and Kaya.

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9 August 2014 Rain shuts down Burkina. The first weekend in August I went on a bike ride out of town in Leo to find a rumored lake/dam (barrage). There’s one barrage right at the edge of town, but there might be a crocodile that lives in it and there’s not really anywhere to hang out beside it. About 10k out my travel partners and I turned back when it started to rain.

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The past two weeks have been pretty busy. This week we’ve been visiting our sites, that we’d received the prior week, and large regional cities. My site is about 100km north of Ouaga and has a population of about 1200. The site visit went well enough. I talked with the local administrators and security forces to introduce myself and met my counterparts in-community. I have a nice two room house with a courtyard.