Peace Corps

2 minute read

Napussoum 2015 is coming to an end. For three days people came the village to greet and give tribute to our chef. My tribute was roughly two dollars. The arbitrariness of holidays struck me this season. I’m not against holidays, but their temporal rationale seems silly : It’s today! Today is the day that we will have fun. Yesterday was not good enough and tomorrow we’ll have to clean up from today.

5 minute read

Part 1: Farming Storm I’ve taken up farming in the mornings for a few hours each day. The past week I’ve been hacking down bush with a machete and burning it to clear fields, and digging zai holes. It’s often hot and typically dry in the north of Burkina, more so than in the other parts of the country. It’s important that we use well the rain that we do get.

1 minute read

My friend PCV Chris talks and shows a bit about life during our stage in Leo. The I’m a Lazy Volunteer series are links to blog posts written by others. I don’t write them because I’m a lazy Volunteer. So lazy in fact, that I’ll gloss over that this is a link to a video and not blog. I think these are called vlogs? Bvlogs? Vblogs? In Moore to say that someone is making an error, one says, “a tudgdame”.

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This is a recording I took earlier this year of women singing while tamping a porch. (Soundcloud) Generally, they’re smacking the ground with the tampers to even and pack the mud floor while someone comes by regularly to sprinkle water in the work area. They let me try it out, but I wasn’t very good at packing it evenly. Women are generally charged with the upkeep and repair of courtyards while men are charged with their construction.